Tippecanoe School Corporation

Speech Team

Wainwright's Speech Team is a program designed to give interested students an opportunity to improve their public speaking skills in a creative environment.

Speech meets are made up of nine different events:

    • In Demonstration, students give a "how-to" speech on a certain topic of their choice. A Demonstration speech may involve posters, props, and partners.

    • In Drama, students prepare a dramatic cutting from a play, short story, or novel. Entries in Drama are memorized.

    • In Duo, a pair of students present a dramatic or humorous selection. Students entered in Duo are required to read from a script.

    • In Extemp, students draw topics related to current events, prepare speeches through Internet research, and deliver them all during a limited time period during the meet. Extemp is open to eighth graders only.

    • In Humor, students prepare a humorous cutting from a play, short story, or novel. Entries in Humor are memorized.

    • In Oratorical Interpretation, students deliver selections that have been presented by a speaker in another time and place. "The Gettysburg Address" is a common example. Entries in Oratorical Interpretation are memorized.

    • In Original Oratory, students deliver speeches that they have written themselves. In addition to delivery, then, content and organization are judged. Original Oratory is open to seventh and eighth graders only.

    • In Poetry, students prepare a selection of poems from a certain author or with a certain focus or topic. The student's own introductions and transitions are memorized, but poems are read from a folder.

    • In Radio, the speaker plays the part of a newsperson, delivering a newscast, commercial, and live remote while unseen by judges. Radio is open to eighth graders only.