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FACS Club brings in the Fall Season with Pumpkin Carving
Jason Learman

On October 11th, 2022, the FACS Club of Wainwright Middle School had its second meeting of the school year. Thirty-three excited 6th and 8th-grade students crammed into the FACS classroom to participate in fall/pumpkin-related activities. The students worked in kitchen groups to make a tasty pumpkin roll and carved pumpkins while the rolls were cooling. Also, my father was in attendance to help us finish our FACS Club t-shirts that we had tye-dyed the meeting prior. While I was planning the meeting, I wanted the students to make something that they may not have made before; something a little more challenging. I also wanted it to match the theme of carving pumpkins. So, I thought pumpkin rolls were a great choice.
The students did a fantastic job baking the cakes, making the frosting, and perfectly rolling the cakes up. I was nervous that the cakes would fall apart while they rolled, but they survived! While we allowed the rolls to cool in the fridge, we all got to carving! (Expect one student who sadly was excluded by my terrible ability to count the number of pumpkins I needed before I bought them. Like I tell the kids, there's a reason I teach FACS and not Math!)
The creativity displayed by the carvers was astonishing! My top two favorites went to Samantha Jansing, who carved a dinosaur, and Ellie Lee, who carved a ghost! Ten gracious students donated their carved pumpkins to be displayed in the main office while the others chose to take theirs home. Check out the ones in the office to get yourself in the Halloween/fall mood!
Finally, it was ready to unroll the cakes, frost them, re-roll them, chill them again, then lastly, cut into their masterpieces. While I sadly did not get a picture of the perfect swirl finish of the rolls, I do have an above shot of one being cut. Overall, everyone, including myself had a blast making the rolls and carving the pumpkins. I hope they take this experience home with them and encourage their family/friends to make a pumpkin roll with them, maybe this could be a new fall tradition!

I can't wait to start planning the next meeting!