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Meet our School Resource Officers
Meet our School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers (SROs) promote a safe learning environment through educating and building relationships with students and staff members. While they serve as law enforcement officers, their primary focus is on helping young people learn about personal responsibility and how to make good decisions. SROs are in the classroom providing positive educational programming, in the hallways, lunchrooms and playgrounds engaging students in conversation and activities, and collaborating with school administrators and staff to evaluate and improve safety procedures that promote student safety.

Meet our SROs

"I want to gain the students' trust so they can come to me with any problems or concerns they might have whether they are inside or outside the school. I also want to help empower students to take ownership in their own safety and the safety of their community by engaging them in a variety of educational activities." Deputy Aaron Gilman, TSC School Resource Officer

"I enjoy being being a part of our schools. I especially enjoy being in the elementary and middle schools where I can get to know the students and interact with them so they see police officers in a positive light. I want students to know they can come to talk to me about anything." Deputy Rob Rush, TSC School Resource Officer

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